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Electronic Falling Ball Impact Tester

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    • Commodity name: Electronic Falling Ball Impact Tester


    Test the performance of plastic sheet against falling ball impact.

    Electromagnetic sucking test steel ball;The instrument will automatically raise the steel ball to the height required by the test standard;power-off the electromagnet to release the steel ball, and the steel ball falls freely to impact the specimen; observe the specimen damage, calculate the impact energy, and determine the impact resistance of the specimen.

    GB/T 14485、YBB00212005、YBB00222005、YBB00212005、GN/T15267

    Electromagnetic sucking steel ball, automatic center positioning and automatic releasing.
    Specimen pneumatic clamping and releasing.
    The height of the steel ball is automatically determined by the instrument and driven to the position accurately.
    Automatic calculation of drop ball impact resistance of specimen.
    The test data is printed, include Impact value, mean value, variance, ball mass, ball diameter, drop height and sample thickness, and so on.
    Steel ball protection device to avoid personal injury.
    A variety of steel balls can be selected to meet the requirements of various standards.
    The test height can be adjusted according to different standards.
    The built-in observation lamp can judge the impact fracture of the sample more clearly and accurately

    Test height:    25-900 mm(adjustable).
    Height resolution:0.1 mm;
    Resolution of impact force:0.001 N.m;
    Size of specimen:    150Ⅹ150;
    Steel ball diameter:    23 mm;25 mm;28.6 mm;38.1 mm;50.8 mm(optical);
    Mass of steel ball:    50 g;  60 g;  100 g;   230 g;   550 g(optical);
    Clamping mode:    Pneumatic.
    Hang mode:    Electromagnetic sucker.
    Gas pressure:    0-0.7 MPa(Gas source provided by users).
    Gas connector:    Ф6mm Polyurethane pipe.
    Size:    500mm(L)Ⅹ 480mm(B) Ⅹ1450mm(H);
    Power supply:    AC220V 50Hz;
    Net weight:    84 kg


    Principle machine, Electromagnetic sucker, Specimen pneumatic clamping device.
    Steel ball:diameter 23 mm-50 g, diameter 25 mm-60g, diameter 28.6 mm-100 g, diameter 38.1 mm-230 g.






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