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Intelligent Electronic Pendulum Impact Tester

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    • Commodity name: Intelligent Electronic Pendulum Impact Tester
    • Commodity ID: STD-B


    Determination of the anti pendulum impact properties of plastic film, sheet, and composite film.

    The pendulum body is lifted to a fixed height; then release the pendulum body by a Pneumatic bolt, and let the swing downward freely. The potential energy is converted into kinetic energy. Hemispherical punch impact test specimen. A high-resolution photoelectric encoder records the angle of pendulum rotation. The angle of pointer rotation indicates the energy loss when the pendulum impacts the specimen, i.e. the impact resistance of the specimen.




    High precision:High resolution photoelectric encoder, precise measurement of the pendulum rotation angle.
    Fully automatic:Pneumatic sample clamping, pendulum automatic release, angle automatic measurement, impact energy automatic calculation.
    Precise adjustment:Pendulum centroid adjustment, horizontal adjustment, rotation friction compensation.
    Range adjustable:Multi range design, support large range measurement.
    Dual control of host computer and computer software:Graphical operation, the use of database management test data, convenient query, and report printing.


    Maximum impact energy:    1 J;2 J;3 J(normal).
    Energy resolution:    0.001 J.
    Impact head size:    SR12.7 mm-25.4(A);R12.7-19 (B).
    Specimen clamp diameter:    Φ89 mm;Φ60 mm.
    Specimen clamp mode:    Pneumatic.
    Swing release mode:    Pneumatic.
    Size of specimen:    100 mm × 100 mm.
    Gas pressure:    0.6 MPa (Gas source provided by users).
    Gas connector:    Ф6 mm Polyurethane pipe.
    Size:    630×345×635(mm)  (L×B×H).
    Power supply:    AC220V  50Hz.
    Net weight:    60Kg.


    Principle machine, 1J basic swing, 2J weight, 3J weight, Ф19mm-SR12.7(Type B) standard impact head, a pair of Ф89mm Standard Test splint (include an O-ring), a pair of Ф60mm Standard Test splint(include an O-ring), micro printer, professional computer software.  







std-b the of pendulum impact energy mm test and specimen

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