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Synthetic Blood Penetration Tester

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    • Commodity name: Synthetic Blood Penetration Tester


    Used to test the penetration ability of synthetic blood jet on medical masks and protective materials.

    Apply a certain amount of pressure to the synthetic blood, let it spray the mask and protective materials for a certain period of time. Visually inspect the penetration of synthetic blood, and evaluate its safety protection performance.

    GB 19083-2010、YY/T0691-2008、YY0469-2011、YY/T 0700-2008、YY/T 0969-2013、ASTM F1862-07

    Blood jet device - The pressure is adjustable; the nozzle can be changed quickly and the z-direction distance can be precisely adjusted.
    Pressure source - 0~0.6 MPa compressed air。
    Spray chamber - Use transparent material, sealed to prevent blood splashing around and reduce airflow interference.
    Sample fixture - The sample is fixed without falling off or damaging the sample, and the test target area is reserved.
    Blood tank - Drawer type, stainless steel material, prevent synthetic blood from splashing everywhere.
    Screen - 10.1-inch color high resolution touch screen, with intuitive interface, easy to use.





    Jet distance

    300 mm~305 mm

    Nozzle diameter

    0.84 mm

    Jet velocity

    450 cm/s, 550 cm/s,635 cm/s

    Time precision

    0.1 s

    Injection pressure

    10.6 kPa, 16 kPa, 21.3 kPa

    Test pressure

    0-700 KPa

    Test media

    synthetic blood


    860(L)×300(B)×385(H) mm

    Net weight

     28 Kg

    Power supply

    AC 220V, 50 Hz, 300W


    Principal machine, Blood storage pressure regulating tank, Standard nozzle.


tester the blood pressure and synthetic to jet kpa mm

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