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Bottle Cap Drop Tester

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    • Commodity name: Bottle Cap Drop Tester


    Test the impact resistance of the bottle cap.


    Electromagnetic sucking test steel ball. The instrument will automatically raise the steel ball to the height required by the test standard. power-off the electromagnet to release the steel ball, and the steel ball falls freely to impact the specimen. Observe the sample condition and test the impact resistance of the sample according to the quality and height of the steel ball.

    ● The bottle clamp is adjustable to adapt to different caliber bottles.
    ● The height of the test can be adjusted to fit different height bottles.
    ● Using electromagnetic sucker to hang and release a steel ball.
    ● Steel ball protection device to ensure personnel safety.
    ● Standards:GB/T 17876-2010.

    ● Test height:    25-900 mm.
    ● Specimen diameter:    0-120 mm.
    ● Steel ball diameter:    41 mm.
    ● Mass of steel ball:    286 g.
    ● Clamping mode:    Pneumatic.
    ● Hang mode:    Electromagnetic sucker.
    ● Power supply:    AC220V 50Hz.
    ● Size    :    550Ⅹ550Ⅹ1250 (mm)  (L)X(B)X(H)    .
    ● Net weight:    50Kg.


    Principle machine, Bottle clamp, two steel ball(286g).


the steel to ball test height of and mm.

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