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Stripping Force Testing Machine

Focusing on packaging and material testing technology, we are committed to quality control in industries such as healthcare, pharmaceuticals, food, packaging, textiles, and new materials. Our products are widely used in enterprises, testing institutions, universities, and research institutes.
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    • Commodity name: Stripping Force Testing Machine
    • Commodity ID: STR-P



    It is used to test the peel force and adhesion force of adhesive tape, protective film, release film



    GB 4850, GB 7754, GB 8808, GB 13022, GB 7753, GB/T 17200, GB/T 2790, GB/T 2791, GB/T 2792, QB/T 2358



    ●High precision, error less than 0.001N.

    ●Automation: test process controlled by an embedded microprocessor.

    ●No mechanical knob, digital correction, and zero adjustments.

    ●Precision ball screw, differential drive, result in more smooth operation and quieter.

    ●The maximum stripping force and average stripping force are measured at the same time.

    ●Group test, statistical analysis of test data.

    ●The dual control structure of the test host and computer software.

    ●Professional software support, beautiful interface, and exquisite test report.



    ●Force range: 0~5N(optional:10N,20N).

    ●Force resolution: 0.001N.

    ●Precision: level 0.5

    ●Test distance: 150 mm

    ●Test speed: 0-100mm/min, Stepless speed regulation.

    ●Test condition: standard test environment;

    ●Size: 450 mm×270 mm×200 mm(L×B×H);

    ●Power supply: AC 220V±10% 50Hz;

    ●Net weight: 20Kg



    Principle machine, micro printer,  professional software, communication cable。







peeling test gb force and the mm precision of software

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