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Hot Seal Strength (Hot Track) Tester

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    • Commodity name: Hot Seal Strength (Hot Track) Tester
    • Commodity ID: SRH-401


    Measure the tensile or peel properties of just heat-sealed or thermally bonded plastic materials.

    Control the hot head to the pre-set temperature;Automatically heat seal or heat adhere to the sample under this temperature, and last for the pre-set time. After this, stop for a pre-set time, and perform tensile or peel tests immediately.
    This is a combination of a hot seal test and a tensile tester. It can perform a single test of heat sealing, thermal adhering, tensile, tearing, and stripping. Also, it can automatically perform the integration test of heat sealing and tension.


    ASTM F1921、ASTM F2029、QB/T2358、YBB 00122003

    ● Test type: four functional combinations of thermal adhering, heat sealing, stripping and stretching;
    ● High precision temperature control: Temperature is controlled by P.I.D. 
    ● Two tensile tests start mode: manual and automatic.
    ● Anti-scald safety design to ensure the safety of users;
    ● Digital step-less speed regulation.
    ● Multi-function: automatic reset, overload protection, travel protection, etc;
    ● Embedded computer control, large LCD graphic display, full digital operation.
    ● Provide RS-232, which can be connected to a computer.

    ● Precision:   First degree.
    ● Max force:  300 N.
    ● Force resolution:0.01 N.
    ● Test speed: 0 ~350 mm/min.
    ● Speed error: Within 1% of indication value.
    ● Control range of temperature: indoor temperature~250 ℃.
    ● Temperature control error: ±1 ℃.
    ● Size of heat seal head:  top head 100x5mm,bottom head 100x25mm.
    ● Stretching distance:    600 mm.
    ● Test distance:     40~499 mm.
    ● Work pressure:  0.2~1 MPa.
    ● Net weight:     65 kg.
    ● Size:     1200mm(L)×450mm(W)×470mm(H) .
    ● Power supply: AC220V±10%,50 HZ.


    Principal machine, Footswitch, heat adhesive fixture, high-temperature welding cloth.


    Personal computer, professional software, communication cable, specimen sampler.







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