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Drop Tester

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    • Commodity name: Drop Tester
    • Commodity ID: STDL-A


    The drop resistance of plastic bottles and various hard plastic materials was tested.

    Two sample clamping cylinders on the lifting platform fix the sample on the lifting platform. Adjust the tilt mechanism to fix the horizontal inclination of the sample. The control mechanism corrects the drop height information according to the inclination angle, and the motor drives the lifting platform to the specified drop height; the sample clamping cylinder releases the sample, and the sample falls freely; the damage of the sample is observed, the dropped result is recorded, and the drop performance of the sample is evaluated.


    QB/T 1870、GB/T 17876、 QB 2357、 QB/T 1868、 GB/T14485.

    ● With a wide range of test height, the motor can automatically lift the sample to the specified drop-down position or the position required by the test standard.
    ● Pneumatically clamp/release specimens.
    ● The falling attitude (horizontal clamping angle) of the sample can be adjusted, and the height position can be automatically corrected.
    ● Falling object impact protection device to ensure personnel safety.
    ● Three column guide rod to make sure stable lifting.
    ● LCD, digital input, and intelligent operation.
    ● Using microprint to print test data.


    ● Test height:        150-2000 mm.
    ● Height resolution:        0.1 mm.
    ● Impact resolution:    0.001 N.m.
    ● Mass of steel ball:        500 g(optical).
    ● Clamping mode:    Pneumatic.
    ● Sample volume:        0-4.5 L.
    ● The clamping angle:        0°、30°、90°(optical).
    ● Lift mode:        automatic
    ● Gas pressure:        0-0.7MPa (Self supply of gas source).
    ● Gas connector:        Ф6mm Polyurethane pipe(Self supply of gas source).
    ● Size:        600mm(L)Ⅹ 900mm(B) Ⅹ2400mm(H).
    ● Power supply:        AC220V 50Hz.
    ● Net weight:        174kg.


    Principle machine, 500g steel ball, Impact barrier(optical).







drop the sample of to height and clamping test

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