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Liquid Package Heat & Seal Tester

Focusing on packaging and material testing technology, we are committed to quality control in industries such as healthcare, pharmaceuticals, food, packaging, textiles, and new materials. Our products are widely used in enterprises, testing institutions, universities, and research institutes.
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    • Commodity name: Liquid Package Heat & Seal Tester
    • Commodity ID: STH-E


    In order to prepare the heat sealing samples, the instrument can seal the plastic materials or packaging bags according to the set of heat sealing parameters (heat sealing temperature, heat sealing time, and heat sealing pressure). 

    First, install the specimen (can be contained with liquid) to be sealed with a fixture; After controlling the temperature of the hot head in place, the instrument will automatically transfer the sample to the hot seal head. Then, close the hot seal head, and accurately control the pressure of the hot surface to the pre-set value. After lasting for the pre-set time, loosen the hot seal head to complete the sealing of the sample.


    QB/T 2358(ZBY 28004)、ASTM F2029、YBB 00122003

    ● High precision pressure sensor, real-time measurement, and display of sealing surface pressure, The pressure is measurable.
    ● High precision temperature control: Temperature is controlled by P.I.D. parameter, which can be changed by a computer. 
    ● Specimens with liquid can be sealed.

    ● Automatic sample delivery mechanism: No need to send samples manually, prevent scald and liquid leakage, protect the safety of personnel.
    ● Procedure automation:after the specimen is installed, the instrument automatically controls temperature, transfers specimen, does sealing, and finishes working.
    ● Using a double cylinder structure to make sure the pressure is balanced.
    ● Using a customized heating element to make sure the temperature of the thermal surface is uniformed.
    ● Two work modes provided: Auto and Manual

    ● Sealing temperature: room temperature~300℃(precision is ±0.2℃);
    ● Sealing pressure: 0~0.7MPa.
    ● Sealing lasting time: 0.01~999.9s;
    ● Size of Sealing head: 200mm×10mm;
    ● Height of specimen: ≤210 mm;
    ● Heating mode: Single or double heating, parameter control.
    ● Gas pressure:    ≤0.8 MPa (self-supply)
    ● Size:    550mm(L)×670mm(W)×715mm(H) ;
    ● Power supply: AC 220V±10% 50Hz;
    ● Net weight:    40 kg


    Principal machine, gas resource(user self-supply).


    Instrument software







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