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Friction Coefficient Tester

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    • Commodity name: Friction Coefficient Tester
    • Commodity ID: STF-A/C


    Test the dynamic and static friction coefficients of the plane material surface.


    GB 10006、GB/T 17200、ISO 8295、ASTM D1894、TAPPI T816.


    High precision, error less than 0.001N.

    The dynamic and static friction coefficients are tested simultaneously.

    High speed sampling, up to 60 times / s.

    No mechanical knob, digital correction and zero adjustment.

    Embedded intelligent control, fully automatic test proces.

    Precision ball screw drive, stable operation, quiet.

    Group test data, embedded data statistical analysis function.




    Name STF-A STF-C
    Mode Flat Material Friction
    Force Range 5 N(Optional: 10N, 20N,30N)
    Accuracy class 1% 0.5%
    Force resolution 0.001 N
    Maximum stroke 150 mm 
    Slide ass 200 g
    Test speed

            100 mm/min        

            1-250 mm/min        
    Sampling rate 20 times/s 60 times/s
    Computer software No Yes
    Size 520×330×230mm (L×B×H)
    Net weight 20 Kg
    Power AC220V 50Hz 200W



    Principle Machine,micro printer, proffesional software (Model C), 200g slider. 







stf-a test the mm times and friction software sampling force

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